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Children And Blue Light: Take Caution!

Research shows that children absorb 45% more toxic blue light through the retina than people over 25. Not only that, children are known to hold digital devices closer to their faces resulting in their being exposed to 4x higher amounts of blue light.

Blue light has been a common topic in the media for the last several years. We get exposed to blue light through several sources. Including the sun, computers, smart phones, and tablets.

Manmade digital blue light raises major concern for the health of our eyes. Artificial LED-produced blue light is of particular concern because we are often positioned very close to the device screen day after day for hours at a time.

There is a large body of research on the impact of blue light on children, particularly on eye health. Research suggests that we should take seriously the effects of this toxic light when it comes to children. Children are more susceptible to blue light because the lens of a child's eye doesn't filter it as efficiently as an adult's and again children tend to hold devices closer to their face. Digital devices are often used for e-learning on a daily basis which adds hour on to exposure time.

Blue light blocking glasses and screens should be used to reduce exposure. Both of these can help protect the health of our children's eyes for years to come.